Cluster Green Software

The Cluster Green Software project is a new technical and scientific regional cluster in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA).

The participating organisations contribute to work within this cluster on:

- The mapping of the energy consumption in (large) systems which is caused by the use of software and the search for opportunities to reduce the energy usage of software.Given the relatively short time that the Cluster program provides, the character is of a set of short-term studies and experiments,which form the prelude to a series of follow-up and promotion examinations.

- The development of tools for users of large software systems to enable them to manage energy costs.In this project, a toolkit will be developed to stimulate users of data and computing centers through potential savings on energy usage,which will tested in practice.


ICT is using energy .Both your desktop and servers in a data center consume electricity.As we adopt an online lifestyle increasingly, we do shopping, business, searching and entertain ourselves – the power consumption by ICT is increasing rapidly.

Regarding decreasing the electricity consumption by computers,it seen has ​​great progress in recent years.By miniaturizing computer chips are running ​​more efficient,in particular, to preserve battery lifeof laptops and smartphones. Smarter cooling techniques and thermal conversion have made ​​data centers more efficient,in particular the energy efficiency has been improved greatly.But despite that data centers and hardware components have become more efficient,the total energy consumption by ICT continued to increase.The “leak” in the system is the software.Hardware is using energy because the software is requesting it.The principles embedded in the software have to be put at the beginning of the energy chain.First case studies of the Knowledge Network Green Software AgentschapNL have shown that more intelligent and efficient usage of software can lead to enormous potential savings  for greener software. Not a few percent,but – depending on the situation – between 30 % and 90 %.

Surprisingly,the world still lacks concrete initiatives and strategies to develop more energy-efficient software either in the market or at an academic level.Within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area several organizations and researchers are working on this issue and contributing to the solutions. Within the Cluster Green Software project several leading initiatives in the AMA are being clustered.

Project partners

Within the project Cluster Green Software 8 organisations are collaborating:

-          The Software Improvement Group

-          Green IT Amsterdam

-          The University of Amsterdam

-          The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences / SEFLab

-          VU University Amsterdam

-          SURFsara

-          Equinix Netherlands

-          Schuberg Philis



Articles, presentations and publications are available here. Some are in English, it will be mentioned in the list.